Week 95 Update!

Just some notes I jotted down during General Conference:

-Temple Work is the work of our Generation
-Sacrifice Softens the Heart
-Repentance is a privilege not a punishment
-As we lead, we grow, so take opportunities to lead
-Es una bendicion ser juzgado por nuestro Salvador (It is a blessing to be judged by our Savior)
-He is always reaching out to help and take us back into His Flock
-Trust in God ALWAYS
-The more light we receive, the more light we are eligible to get
-Another word for the day of the Second Coming is The Perfect Day
-Christ is the fountain of all the blessings we have ever received and all that we shall have yet to receive.
-Look to Him in every thought
-A disciple yearns to become like the person they follow

-As we work on improving one attribute weunconsciously improve others as well

-As we obtain virtue our reception to the Holy Ghost will immensely grow
-One is nothing without Charity
-We are CALLED to be disciples of Christ
-When God is close we feel peace in our hearts
-Disciple has much to do with DISCIPLINE
-That we may always stand firmly in the choir that sings the hymn of Redeeming Love
-We Smile
-The GPS in the car doesn’t get mad or yell at you when you make a wrong turn, rather in a kind voice says “Re-Calculating Route”
-If we don’t pray and study gospel every day we will freeze spiritually
-Nothing is worth losing the language of the gospel in our homes
-Vencer el mundo pasa cuando enfocamos en los de mas (To overcome the world happens when we focus on the ones of more)
-Overcoming the world is about humility and charity and not about getting praise from the world, its about worrying more about what God thinks than what others think
-Those that achieve the most in their lives are those that have a panoramic view of their lives
-If a Man be Meek
-Charity is above all
-Kindness the essence of eternal life
-It doesn’t matter where you serve as long as you are serving
-Bendito eres por ser enviado como Juan para preparar li via de JesuCristo (Blessed are you for being sent like John to prepare the way of Jesus Christ)
-Be Men of Action
-God does not want us to have fear, He has given us Spirits of Power
-Try to look at people as they can be, the best that is in them
-The hardest ones to love are usually the ones that need it the most
-The invitation to repent is also an invitation to receive the gifts of peace and forgiveness
-Procuran hacer la voluntad de Dios (They seek to do the will of God.)
Elder McEntee

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  1. woolleyfam@yahoo.com · April 7, 2017

    Wow! What a great summary. Thanks for sharing!!

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