Week 94 Update!

Survived another week, and I say survived because its pretty much a miracle the sun didn’t kill me this week it was so hot. I’ll start off talking about today because its the freshest in my mind. We got up and headed to a town over to meet up with some missionaries. There were about ten of us, perfect for a couple games of basketball and two hand touch football. After having played basketball for a while we took it to the field and literally on the first play of two hand touch football two of my good buddies ran into each other trying to tackle me and one of them broke there nose (funny thing was they were on the same team). He took it like a sport though and hes good now but his nose is gnarly looking.

Good week. We worked normally on Tuesday, then on Wednesday and Thursday I did divisions with Elder Barney (from Idaho) in my area, then Friday and Saturday and Sunday back with my companion and we finished the week strong.

I learned a lot this week, and have been enjoying digging deeper and becoming moreknowledgeable in a couple things. Which reminds me, I am so excited to hear General Conference this weekend, I always find myself coming away happy and edified. Its really such a blessing General Conference.

Til next week!

Elder McEntee


One comment

  1. Kristy Graf · March 28, 2017

    I am looking forward to the conference addresses also. It is so fulfilling to hear them and feel the Spirit. One of my favorite things twice a year is to take in conference and be humbled by the powerful instruction and encouragement from those who will speak. That small measure we get from the conference messages seems to stay with me and keeps me closers to the Lord and gives me strength to carry on. I love the Gospel and all of the teachings. The truth is so magnificent. I am grateful for my testimony of the truth and of prayer and of sacrifice and of the Earthly ordinances and of service and etc…..keep up the great work!!!!….


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