Week 88 Update!

A couple weeks ago I was at a funeral. I overheard a family speaking Q’eqchi’. So I went over to them and wedged myself into the conversation with a classic “Ma sa’ leech’ool”. We started talking and joking around and afterwards they said they wanted me to come to there house one day! Their directions were vague but I was excited. So anyway, I finally found their house this week! I was kinda having a tough day before we had found it and so I got on my knees before leaving our house and just asked for pick-me-up/spirit booster cause I needed something. And no kiding the first house we contacted was their house! We sat down with them (a widow and her two kids) and began to chat and get to know them. It turns out that a year ago they had been taught by missonaries and on the day of their baptism the mom got sick and was put in the hospital for a couple months so they never got baptized and lost touch with the missionaries. So they have already been taught and prepared and by the time we left they had accepted the invitation to be baptized! So in these next couple weeks we will be helping them prepare themselves for this important step in their lives. It truely was a miracle from my perspective. I know without a doubt that one of God’s purposes for me here in this area was to find and teach this family. And if I had never learned Q’eqchi’ I would have never talked to them that day at the funeral. I was sent out of a q’eqchi area to find and baptize a q’eqchi’ family, what about that?

There was another miracle this week as well. Theres a girl, Ivonne. Shes part of a member family thats really cool. They feed us like twice a week. She hasnt yet been baptized because she is scared of being in water. We have been praying really hard for her because she really is such an amazing little girl and with the strongest testimony I think Ive ever seen in someone of her age. After some work with her and gaining her confidence she told me this week that she wants to be baptized on the 25th because she wants me to do it and I wont be in this area anymore come March.
I have really seen and felt many of my prayers answered this week.
More to week 88.
My companion taught me and a member how to make some food from Bolivia and so we cooked for the members family and it turned really tasty! It was pretty fun. They were surprised to see that I could hold my own in the kitchen setting haha.
Today one of the guys in my district taught us to play a game from the DR. Basically like baseball in the way that you have to swing and hit but instead of a bat you use a broom stick and instead of a ball you use the caps off of those big huge jugs of water. Then when we got tired of that Elder Zavala (from Arizona) and I took the competition to the basketball court in the center of town and played one on one in the intense heat of Sayaxche.
It was a great week and it passed me by like a 90mph fastball.
Love, Carter

One comment

  1. Kristy Graf · February 15, 2017

    Wonderful weekly update. I can feel the Spirit in your writing. You truly look happy in everything you are doing. Love to see that! Prayers are with you and your companion for much more success.


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