Week 84 Update!

Same area (still in Peten) new companion. Elder Balboa from Bolivia.

Today I am in Coban. I had to say goodbye to two of the best friends I’ve ever made, Elder Reed (Alexander Reed) and Elder Gonzalez (Samuel Gonzalez Romero). They completed their two years today and are going home. I’m way happy for them and I know I’ll see them again soon enough, but my entire mission they have been here with me making memories so it was a tough goodbye.
Next week I’ll let you guys know how my first week went by with my new companion. Alright, thanks for keeping up, until next week.
PS- It’s looking like the way changes are going to work out that I’ll be home the last week of April. So I’m excited to finish strong, working hard, and being dedicated to giving everything I have to the Mission for these last 3 months. See you guys soon enough.sam_5733

One comment

  1. Bunk Robinson · January 17, 2017

    Carter, you are such a strong missionary. So proud of you !!!


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