Week 80 Update!

Spirits were lifted this week. After not much success here in the Libertad I went back to Sayaxche on divisions and it was great. I had the chance to teach various families in Q’eqchi’ which I have really been missing. I even placed a baptismal date with an 18 year old kid and I was way excited for her as she expressed to us why it was she wanted to get baptized. She told me (in Q’eqchi’) “Tinkub’si inha’ xb’aan naq a’an li naraj inChoxahilYuwa ut tinkut chiru inrahom choq’ re.” (I will be baptized because that’s what my Father in Heaven wants and I will show Him my love for Him.) It was awesome, I’m glad I could help out the elders in Sayaxche a bit, the can keep teaching her in Spanish she just doesn’t like it as much. But, yeah I came back to La Libertad a day afterwards and we kept on working here trying to find someone, anyone to teach that was at least a little bit receptive and of all our leads we’ve come up dry, but its all good, all we can do is do our best and that’s all that’s asked because the Lord will make up the rest.
Today was cool because we got together like 10 missionaries including two elders that came out of the Polochik with me. We played baseball and soccer for a few hours and then we all ate at an investigators house. I sure made me miss baseball! Can’t wait to play catch again with my dad when I get home. Those are some of my best memories, all the times I got to play catch with my dad.
Sorry again not much more happend this week, just the usual. Have a great week and a very Merry Christmas. Jesus Christ lives, let us all reflect on that and what that means for each and everyone of us as we reverently celebrate His life and His Atonement this Holiday season.


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