Week 79 Update!

First off, no pictures this week, I didnt even take a single one. I know weird. But truth is that unlike all my previous areas this one is kinda plain and a little ugly haha. Hopefully I’ll find some cool things to take pictures of to make it up to all of you next week.

 There is nothing going on for us here in La Libertad, people just reject us over and over again here, so basically Elder Medina and I are trying really hard to keep spirits up and also to lift up this area, finding those ready to listen. The upside is that Medina and I really get along, so its not too hard to keep a smile on my face throughout the day. It does weigh on my heart though the hardheartedness of the ones that refuse to listen to the good tidings we bring them.
I hope that in this Christmas season as we celebrate that we remember why it is we are celebrating in the first place, that we can feel the greatest gift of all in our lives each day. I wish it possible for all of us to feel the light of our Savior Jesus Christ and to spread that light, illuminating the world.
Elder McEntee

One comment

  1. JerriLynn Woolley · December 13, 2016

    You may be the light that that area needs. Keep up the good work! So glad you have a great companion. Thinking great thoughts for you during the holidays.
    Hugs, the Woolley’s


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