Week 78 Update!

The strangest transfer of my mission has come to an end. Another six weeks just like that. I’ve been in Sayaxche the last three weeks in a trio with my two new Dominican buddies which has been a good time. I’ll be leaving this place though which is kinda sad but I know the Lord needs me back in La Libertad, which is where they are sending me back to and where I started last change six weeks ago. I’m sure it will be a better experience now in that area with a new companion. My new companion is Elder Medina from Honduras. We met up today and moved all our stuff into the Libertad house. He’s a cool guy, it’ll be a way fun change working with him. This will be his last change and then he finishes his two years and goes home so I think he will be determined to finish strong.

This week went by quickly,  I ended divisions on Thursday after having been with the Zone Leaders for seven days in San Benito. It was a great time with those guys. It was sad though to say goodbye to Elder Sione Finefeuiaki, such a great friend, but I’m happy for him, we’ll see each other again soon enough.
So yeah, my first transfer not speaking Kekchi on a daily basis is over. It has been different being outside of the Polochic, their has been pros and cons for sure. One pro is that my Spanish is getting better at a much higher rate which is exciting. I also had the time to finish The Book of Mormon in Spanish again this week. I love studying language, it really expands your mind; I think I’ll make it a lifetime study. I’m just so glad each and every day out here that the Lord gave me all the opportunities and all the help I needed to accomplish the things I have and to spread the gospel in the many ways he has allowed me. It seems that every time I humble my proud self enough to ask Him for something with real faith and a sincere heart He is always more than willing to give it.
Love Elder McEntee

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