Week 77 Update!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent working really hard in my new area of Sayaxche. Then on Thursday the Zone Leaders took me out of our trio to do divisions with me in their area since they need help over there. They are in a trio as well so it made sense. I’m actually on a six day division, so I’m still over here in San Benito. So yeah, Thursday and Friday I spent working with Elder Finefeuiaki (who has come to be such a close friend over the course of just 5 weeks since we met). He finishes his mission in a week though, so I’m excited for him and also for the enduring friendship we’ve made. Also we got to play basketball and celebrate Elder Torres birthday which was a good time. We did a lot of service this week, like painting and gardening and stuff like that. Saturday and Sunday Elder Torres and I traveled and worked over in my last area, La Libertad, to see how the ward was doing and continue to try to help out a bit. The attendance at the Ward doubled in just two weeks; from 70 to 140! It was awesome to see the less active members we’ve been working with come!

And then today is Monday all over again, crazy how that works out. I will be with Elder Garcia for today and tomorrow working here in San Benito until his two companions Elder Finefeuiaki and Torres get back from Coban on Tuesday night. So, there is the summary of my week. We had some really special moments and miracles were seen. I love this work and I love my Savior.
Elder McEntee


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