Week 76 Update!

What a week it has been! The conference we had with Elder Duncan of the Seventy in Coban was awesome. You could feel the strength of the Spirit as he walked through the chapel doors with his wife. After greeting them with a hymn as they walked in we all lined up and had the chance to shake their hands which was cool. He didn’t come to just give a talk and leave, no, we had a Q&A discussion type deal. It was a really fun conference, we learned a lot and were spiritually fed. We were also catered to 3 times so we were fed with actual food as well haha. I think the best part though was seeing the whole mission together for the first time in history. We all got to see all of our friends in the entire mission and that was really special. In one of the pictures that you see below Im with my “mission family” (my trainer and 4 of my kids) 5 of my previous companions.

My companion Elder Valenzuela went home to Peru on Tuesday so I was left without a companion. So until the end of the transfer President has put me in a trio with Elder Gomez and Elder Zabala in a new area, Sayaxche. Im excited, they are both really good guys and hard workers. They are both from the Dominican Republic. They love baseball (and not Soccer) so we have stuff in common, we play catch in the front yard. We work really well and hard together and really enjoy each others company. These two dudes make me laugh, and that’s all I can ask for in a companion. So just like that in the course of four weeks I was taken out of the Polochic, been in two new areas and three new companions.
I’m not sure if they’ll send me back to La Libertad at the end of the transfer or if I will stay in stead of Gomez here in Sayaxche (because he is finishing his mission in 2 weeks) but Im happy here. There is so much Kekchi in this area, Im way surprised there have never been Kekchi speaking missionaries in this area. We’ll see what happens.
Elder McEntee

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