Week 73 Update!

I literally feel as if I am in an entirely different Mission. This week was my first week in Peten, away from my home in the Polochic. I’m in a ward for the first time, I’m in an actual city (kinda) and I’m teaching in Spanish! I mean its not like I don’t know Spanish but teaching in it after having taught in Kekchi my whole mission IS an adjustment. The cool thing is about this area, La Libertad, is that I wont lose my Kekchi because there are Kekchi people here, they just never been taught and now that I’m here as the first Kekchi Speaking Missionary in this area I can teach them. But mostly its Spanish. The area is great and I’m happy to be here, I feel like I have a lot to learn here and like there is progression to be made, its exciting. My new companion is awesome as well. Elder Valenzuela from Peru! We get a long and he is a great teaching companion. I’m teaching him Kekchi and English and Chess and Piano, these are his four goals and so its fun helping him out. This week we carved pumpkins for Halloween, surprisingly it was his idea. They don’t celebrate Halloween hear, not really but tonight we agree going to put our pumpkins out on the porch anyway just for fun haha. Ill send a Halloween picture next week.

All in all its been a crazy week of change, everything is different but its pretty cool I guess to have the opportunity to experience new things and continue progressing.

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