Week 71 Update!

Two more baptisms this week! Their is a family that we’ve been teaching, the parents are still working on getting married before getting baptized which we are sure will happen soon but meanwhile we got see their two daughters baptized which was a beautiful experience. The spirit was strong and we know that the rest of the family will follow suit soon enough and be baptized as well. They are all very supporting and believing. Marta and Claudia were two great little examples for them.

Saturday before the baptisms we were in the church with a bunch of people that had shown up for the baptism. We were waiting for one of the counselors of the bishopric to show up because we couldn’t do it without him. A half hour after the scheduled time he had still not arrived and there was no way to get a hold of him. As I began to get slightly worried I felt impressed to run to his house which is all the way up a mountain. I told my companion that we needed to start running there that instant. Twenty minutes later after trucking it up to the counselor’s house we found him just about to leave. We had gotten there in the knick of time. After that we headed back with him and everything went smoothly but I tell this story because I feel like it was a small miracle that we felt to run and not just hike because without him there would have been no baptism this week.

This change is coming to end, this weekend I will find out where my next area will be. President mentioned to me that he might send me all the way up to Peten (the top part of Guatemala) since I have been in the Polochic my entire mission speaking Kekchi so that I can have “different” experiences in my mission haha, so we will see what happens next week.

PS- “Across the plains of time bleach the bones of countless thousands, who, while on the threshold of victory, sat down to rest. And resting, they died.” -Paul H. Dunn


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