Week 69 Update!

“There is only one day that you and I have to live for, and thats today. There is nothing we can do about yesterday except repent, and there mat be no tomorrow. The thing for us to do when we arise from our beds as God gives us a new day, is to take whatever comes to our hands, and do it to the best of our ability.” -Harold B. Lee

This week went by and I barely felt it. On Tuesday all of the Leaders of the Polochic had a meeting in La Tinta with President Faundez and his Assistants. A lot of my buddies here are leaders as well so it was cool. President took us to lunch and then the meeting took a couple hours and as far as meetings go it wasnt that bad haha. Ive enjoyed being District Leader for the reason that I have the wonderful opportunity to help out my district both as a unit and individualy as we try and do better and become better as humble servants of the Lord.

Four of my Polochic buddies hit their year mark this last week so we all went up to the mountains to one of their areas and celebrated with a big ole Chicken Caldazo and ceremonial (traditional) white shirt burnings.

The week was wrapped up with General Conference so all in all it was a great week. Conference was absolutely awesome as usual and I feel so blessed to have been able to watch the whole thing in English this time. Not because I dont understand the broadcasts in Kekchi or Spanish because I do but because there is just something special about hearing the real voice of the Prophet and Apostles. How blessed we are to have modern day revelation and living Prophets and Apostles!

Of all the many awesome things I took away from conference, here are just a few…

1. Everyone knows the truth deep down in their hearts, our job is to shine light on what they already know and help them find what is already within them

2. When you pray, are you really praying or are you just saying prayers?

3. We must stop comparing ourselves to others, the only opinion of us that matters is the one that our Father has of us

4. All the Lord expects of us is to try, but to REALLY TRY

5. Being valiant in the Testimony of Jesus Christ is the True Test of this life

6. Submitting fully to the will of God is the only way to reach our full potential. As we come to trust rather than resist our Teacher, He can then work with us.

7. Joy has only to do with the FOCUS of your life

8. Whatever the cost of Repentance, it is swallowed up in the Atonement

9. Without an eye of faith or eternal understanding it can be  extremely difficult to endure affliction and trial in this life. Faith makes all things bearable

10. We gain nothing from afflictions or sufferings if we do not ambitiously try to learn from them and endure them well.


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