Week 67 Update!

It was a strange week. It was a mixture of many things. It wasnt an awesome week, but it wasnt all that bad either, I guess it was just made up of both good things and not so good things, hard to explain without getting a little too personal so I wont be getting into that here. How about I just start telling you about my week? So being District Leader is new for me as of the begging of this last week so Ive been getting the feel of it. I learned that it is more tiring than I had actually imagined but fun and rewarding as well. One of the areas in my district, El Estor, had a baptism this weekend so as the District Leader I had to interview the person that was baptized before their baptism to see if they were ready and taught well my the missionaries. So I did Divisions over in El Estor, an awesome beautiful town by the way (its right on the biggest lake in Guatemala and their Town Animal is the Manati because there are a bunch that live in the lake, cool huh?) with Elder RiosLazo while his companion went and worked in Saqsuha with mine. RiosLazo and I had a great time together, if only I was able to do week long divisions… It turns out though that our companions really dont get along. Work in Saqsuha seems to be slowing down a bit, its like all of the sudden some of the best investigators are starting to have quite a few problems but we will get it worked out and we will keep finding new people to teach. We do have a marriage and baptism coming up in 2 weeks so we are getting ready and excited for that.

Thanks for keeping up guys, til next week.

Ekder McEntee

PS. Work Smarter. Believe more. Listen for the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Trust your own judgement.



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