Week 66 Update!

Hey Everyone! First off it should be known that changes went down this weekend, yep another six weeks gone just like that. Despite having quite a bit of time in my area I’ve been let known that I don’t have a change and neither does my companion, so it looks like it’ll be another 6 weeks of Elder Pin and Elder McEntee in Saqsuha. Actually, one thing did change though, President called me last night and told me I would be the new District Leader. So that’s pretty cool, I’m excited to help out my district and perform the new set of responsibilities that I have been trusted with. It will be a good change, I get to finish my companions training, see what its like to be a District Leader, and follow through with some great investigators that are so close to baptism.

This week was full of missionary work, but also of adventure. As you can all see I took quite a few pictures this week. These are mostly all from a couple hikes that we had the opportunity to embark upon. One of the two purely recreational where we hiked to the tallest point in La Tinta where they have placed an incredibly large Guatemalan flag in preparation for their independence on the fifteenth. Its a beautiful view, you can see forever in almost every direction. I could see my old La Tinta house and even my house in Saqsuh as well. I remember doing that same hike a year ago and swearing I would never do it again due to how tough it is but I still somehow got roped into doing it again haha. The other hike was a bit less voluntary but about 10 times cooler. It was an amazing trip through numerous mountains and multiple villages way off the beaten path. It took us about 7 hours and we were dead tired upon returning home. It was great time, so I hope you enjoy the photos.
PS… “Use what talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”  Henry Van Dyke

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