Week 64 Update!

This week was chalked full of events. Lately Elder Pin and I have been working with about 4 different families that want to move forward in the Gospel and be baptized becoming members of the church but the parents of each family need to be married before they can be baptized since they are living together and stuff. So we have been working with them preparing them for marriage and baptism. We are setting up wedding dates and paperwork and stuff like that. Its funny being just 20 years old planning and setting up weddings haha, but here I am… a Kekchi wedding planner…

We have quite a few other people we are teaching the Gospel to as well and we continue searching for more, its like a constant scavenger hunt really is what it is. It’s like trying to find those golden eggs in Grandma’s backyard every Easter. We are working hard doing here what we were called to do and we are having good fun doing it.

On top of everything this week we not only had a big Multi-Zone Conferance in Senahu but Interviews as well the following day with President Faundez! All of it went great. My respect for President Faudez shot up this week, he is a great guy! He almost let me drive his car but it just happened to be the only day I did not have my drivers license with me… that’s my luck people. He also almost brought me with him to a Kekchi village after interviews to be his translator in some kind of meeting but that also didn’t end up happening since I had some important lessons to get to, ahhhhgg so many cool things almost happened that day that didnt haha. He did say I could drive the car next time though, so watch out Kekchis of the Polochic Valley, Laj K’ante’ is hitting the streets with 4 wheel drive, stay tuned.

Elder McEntee

PS- Okay everyone, remember how there are two fighting wolves inside each and every one of us? Well, feed the good one this week 😉 have a good week.


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