Week 62 Update!

Crazy Busy Week, so much so that I am shocked to find myself writing home again because it went by so fast. I guess training a new missionary I switched it into 5th gear. We are seeing great things happening here in Saqsuha. We have found so many new people to teach who are all so great. We have been working and praying so much to help as many people as we can and to see them progress and its paying off, the near future here looks to be a very fruitful one. 

Elder Pin is a great companion, I forgot what it was like to feel so full of energy as a brand new missionary and he is definitely rubbing off on me, its great. He likes to workout with me in the mornings and its cool beacase now I have someone else to motivate me other than myself, we have been going hard and Ive already lost 8 pounds just from these last two weeks. 

Well everyone the pictures tell the rest of the story of my week so I think Im done here for today. Thanks for keeping up.



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