Week 61 Update!

So, as you know I picked up my new companion at the beggining of the week. And when I say new I mean straight from the MTC. His name is Elder Pin and is from Honduras. He is great. He is way smart and I’m sure I’ll learn just as much from him this change as he will from me, his trainer. He already knows decent english so what we do since I want doper spanish and he wants better english is he always speaks to me in Enlish or Kekchi (since he’s practicing his kekchi too) and I talk to him in Spanish. It’s great and we are learning a ton already just in the first week togather because we have been working really hard. We have been working out like Locos this week and have made a solid workout plan which includes a lot of running which is the worst but neccesary. We have seen a lot of progress through our hard work this week in Saqsuha and it looks like this will be a very successful change or two with Elder Pin. He just got his Kekchi name given to him yesterday, Aj Yax. Yax because in spanish it means pinza and it goes with his last name, pinza is a crab or scorpion claw so I think its a cool name. Our kekchi nicknames are kinda a big deal here, its seriously the only name the kekchi’s know us by. I probably respond better to K’ante’ than Carter at this point to be honest. Anyway, next week hopefully I’ll have some baptism pictures for you all to see. Have a good week everyone!

Elder McEntee

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