Week 60 Update!

Hey! So, I don’t have a bunch of time today so hang in with my random thoughts! This week I had divisions with Ellis again, gosh I’ll miss that guy when he goes home to Salt Lake City in 6 weeks! Never thought I’d make so many life long buddies in the mission. Ummmm, then lets see, other than that well the big news is that changes happened  this weekend..well they are still happening. Elder Ayala is being sent up to my last area, that lucky son of a gun. We spent the weekend going around with all the members so that he could say goodbye and take pictures, it was busy. I’ll miss the guy, I mean we will still see each other, but I mean I’ll miss him as a companion and constant friend. So yes I am staying in Saqsuha but I’m happy about it, the area is growing on me a bit. The other news is that I’ve been called to train another new missionary so I’ll be having another “Son” haha. So this morning at like 3am I headed off to Coban with the other trainers, so that we could spend P-Day in Coban for today and then pick up our newbies tomorrow.

Well I have had close to no sleep so I’m going to end here. I am a bit anxious to see who my new companion will be and I’ll be sure to let y’all in next week on what goes down. Thanks for keeping up guys!
Something to think about that has helped me out a lot lately.

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