Week 59 Update!

 Lets see… I’d probably say that the biggest thing I’ve learned and really have been internalizing recently is the absolute humility of the people here. They give despite having NOTHING to give, they live in stick huts all there lives never complaining about working all day in the burning heat, they do what it takes to survive and work themselves to death just to put a couple tortillas on the table at night. No luxury exists for them, they have every reason to hate everything about there lives and the sad part is that there is no way to get a better one. Yet I still find myself thinking that what I’m doing is a sacrifice when it does not even compare. It has been the most humbling thing to be able to be with these lamanite people and to speak with them in their language. But after seeing so much struggle this past year among them, such hardships and living conditions I cant help but occasionally shed a tear for them. 


One comment

  1. Dian Robinson · July 27, 2016

    So good to see your photos. We totally understand how busy it can get. The corn stalks are so high. At least that is what they look like. I just finished my required art class. I only have a few more classes to finish and I will graduate.
    Carter, we are so proud of you. I will write you a letter this week. We love you so. Grammy Di.


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