Week 57 Update!

Well I guess the big event this week was meeting the new Mission President and his wife. He went around the mission and got each zone (there are 7) together to introduce himself. My zone was the last he needed to visit so I guess that means that all of us missionaries finally know who our new President is. His name is Pres. Faundez and he is from Chile. He doesn’t speak English so when we did interviews after the main meeting it was all in Spanish, which I guess is just how its going to be from now on, weird. He seems like obviously a really great guy, buena onda and all and I’m really excited to learn from him and get to know him better. It was really sad to see President and Sister Curtis go but it’ll be a good experience to learn from another great leader.

At the beginning of the week I got in the shower and just as I was about to turn the water on (that comes out of a tube in the wall) I had yet another encounter with a turantula as it crawled towards me from the corner where it was originally hiding. I jumped out of the shower so dang quick. I ended up capturing it in a box and then my companion and I burned the thing…its war.

In the middle of the week I did divisions with Elder Ellis again which made the week go extra fast. We worked in Saqsuha and my companion went with his to work in Panzos.

After not seeing much success in the past few weeks since our three baptisms in June, its exciting to see things picking up again as our investigators follow through with commitments and we find new people to teach.

Anyways that is all from me this week, have a good week everyone!



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