Week 56 Update!

First off, HAPPY INDEPENENCE DAY everyone! Like the best Holiday of the year right?! It’s close at least. This is my second 4th of July living in Guatemala and as you may guess its not celebtrated here so we Gringos down here banded together today to have our own little BBQ celebration with a solid game of basketball on the side. Oh how I’ve missed basketball! It was a great time.

At the beggining of the week I had the chance on my way back from Coban to stop in Tukuru (my second area) and visit a couple of the families that I had come to grow so close to in my time there. It was great to see them and crazy to think that I left that area over six months ago! It’s so weird being back in one of your old areas.

For the rest of the week other than leaving our house in Saqsuha a few times for food or District Meeting we were locked up inside SICK. My companion the first couple days and then me until finally Sunday morning came around and we felt better (for the most part). So I don’t have too many stories this week due to not really leaving the house but I do have one…

So my companion and I had just turned off the lights to  go to bed, ten minutes passed and I was having those random “just before falling asleep thoughts” when I heard my companion scream “PUCHICAS!” and jump all the way from his bed to mine in the dark. While he was having a heart-attack I got up, a bit freaked out at this point, put my glasses on and turned the light on to see what was up. Ayala immediately pointed at the corner where his bed is. I looked and understood my companion’s reaction completely. A tarantula was chillin’ on the wall just a few inches from here his head was lying on his pillow. So we gathered up our courage, moved his bed from the wall, and I got ready with the broom to jab it to death… except right as we were counting to three to deliver the first blow the thunderstorm outside took out the lights. Could it of happened at a worse time!? Ayala and I ran out of our room screaming like little school girls. We couldnt just let the monster live! It’s way too poisonous. So we got our courage up again, grabbed our flashlights and headed back in. I finally ended up killing it but since then my companion hasnt slept with his head on that side of the bed haha and he’s wearing his boots to bed… so needless to say it was a traumatic experience for the poor fellow, not to say that I havnt been making sure Im completely covered by the blanket before I fall asleep as well haha.

Well everyone, have a great Independence Day, light off some fireworks for me and eat alot of burgers and hot dogs! Remember what a blessing it is to live in such a beautiful country where anything is possible. Its a land chosen and blessed by the Lord, respect it, be thankful for it, celebrate it. IN GOD WE TRUST.

-Elder McENTEE

P.S.- I just wanted to thank my mother and my father for being the most amazing parents and for always being there for me with the best support and advice. I couldnt even begin to list the things I’m thankful to them for,  I love them with all that I am and owe them everything. I dont say it enough but Mom, Dad, I hope you know that. I tuly have been born of GOODLY parents. I miss you and love you so much.

Double P.S.- To all those that have written me and havent gotten back a response yet just know that Im super grateful for your emails, you’re all the best. I’ll try to get back to you soon enough.


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