Week 54 Update!

Changes went down this weekend. All is the same with me. My companion Elder Ayala and I will be having another 6 weeks together in Saqsuha. I’m happy about it, we get along pretty well and have already had quite a bit of success together, so I’m excited to have even more with him. Ayala himself wasn’t too pumped about finding out he would have another 6 weeks here but he has warmed up to the idea haha, he was just really hoping to go up to the mountains after being in this flaming furnace of an area for forever.

It was a good week that we had. On Saturday night I forgot that I had been asked to give a talk at church on Sunday so I had to pound one out real fast and it actually turned out really well! I was thinking as I sat there in church after giving my talk about how nervous and scared I always was to get up and give a talk in my church back at home in English and now its like no big deal at all to get up in front of 200 people and speak to them in Kekchi or Spanish for however long I need. I thought wow, a lot HAS changed in just a year haha.

Earlier in the week we had our last Multi-Zone Conference with President and Hermana Curtis. They are finishing their mission this week and our new mission president will arrive so this conference was the last time we will see President Curtis and his amazing wife. It was way sad saying goodbye to them and hearing them say good bye to us and honestly maybe a couple tears could have been shed but who knows for sure…

Anyway, here we are at the beginning of another change, my 10th change, crazy how time passes. Each one gets quicker and quicker so I guess its true what they say, its scary how fast the second year goes by. Thanks for reading this weeks update everyone. Sorry if they are getting to be way boring but its really just hard to think of something new to say after a while. Have a good one everyone!

Love, Elder McEntee


One comment

  1. Jane MORRILL · June 22, 2016

    Dear Elder McAtee, I want to thank you for the service you are giving to the people of Guatamala and the service you are doing for me and your family and the people of Newport and just everyone. Taking the gospel to the people there is a marvelous thing. I know the Lord will bless you for it. I love reading your letters each week and enjoy how “just the same” they are—they never get boring. We have moved from Newport to Dallas, Oregon. We miss your mom and dad and the wonderful people from there. Hope this is a great week for you. Sincerely, Sister Morrill


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