Week 53 Update!

Great week. It all flew right by in a blur from the last time I updated you all until now. I hit my year mark this week living in Guatemala, so I did the traditional shirt burning which is custom to hitting a year in the mission. I never thought I’d actually ever reach this point but it came and passed so I guess that means that I actually might come home one day haha 😉 We baptized two this weekend, so most of the week we were teaching and preparing them and inviting everybody we possibly could. It was a huge turnout, we had like 80 people show up and it was great. Afterwards we all chowed down on some delicious empanadas and I served everyone horchata.

Right now we are entering into the last week of the change so by my next update I should know if there will be any changes of companion or anything but I doubt there will be, we will see! I hope not, Elder Ayala has been a great companion and we work well together.
This Church is true everyone, our Savior Jesus Christ leads and guides it, it was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr., and I KNOW it will all that I am. The more I have studied and to understand the Restoration of the Gospel in this last dispensation my testimony of it has grown and the Spirit has testified of its truths. I will stand as witness of my Redeemer until the day I die, He lives and His Beautiful Gospel is here on the earth today.
Elder McEntee

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