Week 51 Update!

It was quite a week, we had some ups and downs which made it feel a bit lengthy. We had divisions for a pair of days in the middle of the week, which was a definite UP of the week. I was with my District Leader and buddy Elder Ellis in Saqsuha. We always have a good time working together and we had a great time. There was a DOWN during divisions though. We are were visiting with these three brothers who had committed to a baptismal date last week with us, when we started to talk more about the baptism coming up they let us know that their dad had changed his mind and no longer was going to allow them to be baptized this next week. So, that was a huge bummer, a real big disappointment. But all is well, the Lord knows what He is doing. I still am excited about the baptism we have coming up this weekend, baptism days are really the best days and I’m so happy for the girl and her family to feel this new spirit in their lives and in their home.

This weekend was District (stake) Conference, so I got to see all the members I know from La Tinta and from Tucuru as well! That was the best, I’ve missed some of them so much and hadn’t seen them the whole time I was in the Mountains. I didn’t realized how much I missed the members in Tucuru until I saw them, they were like a second family to me, and now that I speak way better than before it was cool! President Curtiss brought the Guatemalan Temple President so we got to hear them and both of their wives give talks which were incredible. There is a huge push to get these Kekchi members to the temple so that they can progress in this beautiful gospel and partake of the most sacred and beautiful blessings given to us by our loving Heavenly Father.

It is such a joy to be apart of building up the Lord’s Kingdom down here in the Polochic, working with these indigenous people, speaking their language, and learning more about myself and my Savior more than I ever thought possible before. Yeah its tough to stay motivated and going sometimes but as I come to more fully understand the gift and miracle of our Redeemer’s perfect Atonement it is always enough to give me everything I need personally, physically, mentally, and spiritually to keep on truckin’. I will always cherish this chance to be on a mission serving my Lord, My God.



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