Week 49 Update!

First week in Saqsuha down. I don’t think Ive stopped sweating since my last update. Its HOT. It was a cool (not in terms of climate) week getting to know my new area and the great new people I have to work with. I see a lot of potential here for successful months to come. It wont come without some hard work though so we are looking forward to all the sweaty days to come (well as much as one could possibly do). My companion, Elder Ayala is a pretty good guy. We talk quite a bit, we get along well, and I think we will be a great team.

I’m back to sleeping with a fan blowing on me at 100 mph, well firstly because its still way hot at night and secondly because I actually have electricity again so I CAN. I still don’t have warm water but I’m way used to that. The water comes out of a PVC pipe but sometimes…it doesn’t come and we are without water so Bucket Shower it is haha! Its been cool having a refrigerator again… If I were to describe my living situation more fully well I guess I would just tell you to read about my time in La Tinta because its very close to my experiences back then. The better part about Saqsuha though is that I can actually speak Kekchi now which was the opposite situation in La Tinta haha, so its more enjoyable!
Its weird not teaching classes during church and stuff like that that we always had to do in Semarak each Sunday. This branch is much more self reliant, self sufficient. I kinda miss teaching already, it helped me learn a bunch of Kekchi and really even more than that it helped me learn a lot more doctrine.
Im running short on time right now, I know I missed some things but Ill do better next week! Thanks for keeping up everyone! It means a lot!
Elder Carter McEntee

One comment

  1. Woolleys · May 17, 2016

    Wow, what a blessing to be there and to see that this branch is fairly self sustaining! The gospel is really growing. Fantastic to hear that you feel like you are further along with the language. That should be a huge blessing. Love your positive attitude about your new companion and how wonderful to have electricity again. Good luck with the heat and cold showers! Thanks for the great updates. So wonderful to know that we are truly part of a worldwide church and that the gospel is going forth! All our love and prayers.
    The Woolleys


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