Week 48 Update!

Well another ones gone and Preparation day is here again. It was the best week in Semarak! We celebrated my companions 20th birthday with a Massive Caldo, we had quite a few great visits, and I got to talk withy my family for Mothers Day! Although we have arrived at that time of changes once again and this time a change fell on me and I have been assigned to a new area. It was sad saying goodbye to Semarak and the people there that I have become so close with. I will miss my companion but I am happy to of at least had the chance to make such a great friend, I love that guy. So tomorrow I will head to my new area called Saqusha. Its another area in the Polochik Valley like my first two areas were. Its about 15 minutes away from my first area La Tinta. The difference is that Saqsuha is a Purer Kakechi area than La Tinta(More Kekchi). So I am happy for the most part but sad at the same time to be leaving the mountains and my buddies up there. I have got some other awesome friends though in my new district like Elder Toolson and Ellis so it will be cool. My new companion is Elder Ayala, another Guatemalan from the capital. I have heard a few things about him but not much, we’ll see how it goes, it should be a decent time together, its what you make it right? After living for over four months without electricity it will be strange to have a refrigerator and cold food again haha. Working in Semarak has been one of the greatest highlights in my life, I learned to love the people will continue to do so, there were lifetime memories made there and there is so much I already miss. It was somewhat of a mini heartbreak to say goodbye honestly haha, I fell in love with that area.

I’m excited though to embark on the next stage of my mission, Im ready to meet new challenges and keep on progressing.

I know the Lord needs me now in Saqsuha, there are pèople there waiting and prepared to be taught by my companion and I that I cannot wait to meet, it all starts tomorrow. I’ll let you know next week a little more about this new area of mine.
Elder McEntee


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