Week 46 Update!

Good Week! First, before I fill y’all in I want to explain the pictures of me in a Kekchi skirt haha. Bueno pues its a tradition people, don’t judge, its something you’ve got to do at least once in your mission as a Kekchi speaking missionary, just for the photo haha. So in some of the pictures below I am acting out being a Qana Chin (Q’eqchi’ woman). Its not weird its tradition people jaja 😉

There’s nothing much to fill everyone in on this week. It was productive and fast. We are just trying super hard to get some people committed to baptism this next month. We’ve been a little discouraged by a couple investigators going from being so close to baptism and then at the last second something goes wrong in their life but we’re still going at it hard. We know that if we are trying our best then there is no such thing as failure, we know what we are doing is the work of our Savior and that He is helping us in it, and we also know that there are more people here that are prepared to be taught and baptized and we just gotta find ’em.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be out on a mission. Im grateful for the ongoing process of personal development and change that is only available here. No matter the amount of success I see in my mission I know that I will come back having become closer to the man I hope to be, having increased my knowledge ten fold, and having changed for the better through the power of Christ’s everlasting Atonement.
Love Carter

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