Week 45 Update!

We hiked a ton this week. We were super productive and got a lot done. We got people to finally start progressing, and it looks like we will be have a couple more baptisms in a couple weeks! Another reason this week was great was because we got fed Caldo like four times, guys I live for Caldo these days. (Caldo is a rustic soup is full of authentic Guatemalan ingredients like güicoy and güisquil.)

It was another one of those weeks where we were so busy working that it flew by without me even noticing. Its weird to experience time in the mission. I’m starting to find it hard to find new things to write about after almost being in Semarac for four months. Don’t get me wrong, its a new adventure packed day each day but I guess it all blurs together kinda, and for that I have my daily journal to remember all the unique experiences of each day.

 My companion and I were walking down a hill this week through a cornfield. I was walking in front and heard my comp yell. I looked back at him and saw him literally shaking in fear as he look down about 6 inches from my feet… I immediately followed his line of vision and was shocked, frozen in place. A massive 5 to 6 foot long snake was passing in front of me. Dark brown all the way until it became a dark black color at its tail. It was freaky. We didn’t take that path for the rest of the week.
Love Elder McEntee

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