Week 44 Update!

Ma sa lee chool? Ah usaq. Pues anajwan kajwi nawaj xkeebal wuib oxib li aatin re li xamaan 44. Li yaal… naq maaka lin hoonal se li kutan ain xbaan nag wan eb li intreviist rikin laj qaawa Curtis. I literally have almost no time to email this week. We got surprised with having interviews with President today, ours are like really soon, so here’s a quick summary of the week. We killed and cooked a Duck, as seen in the photos haha, that was an experience to say the least. I was hit with parasites for a couple days hard but I passed them already and we are all good again haha, gotta love 3rd world countries. Had divisions with my district leader Elder Reed again and we got a lot of work done together. Oh yeah and the roads going up to my area are impassable due to all the mud the rain made, so we’ve been having to walk 3 hours give or take up twice a week, not super fun as I’m sure you can imagine. We are still working with some investigators that are super close to baptism so that’s got us excited and motivated. That is pretty much the quick summary of the week. Gotta run.

Love Elder McEntee




One comment

  1. Dian Robinson · April 15, 2016

    My Dearest adorable Carter, So happy to see your photos and read your email. So sorry about getting parasites.
    I don’t care how much a person thinks they are ready for a 3rd world country, this is when it is so uncomfortable when you get sick. One little caution, don’t ever be embarrassed or feel obligated to eat some of their foods.
    That is one thing we have cautioned our elders about in South Africa.
    General conference was so inspiring. I prepared myself spiritually and asked HF to help me be in tune to with the spirit to know which specific talks were meant for me to help me in the months ahead.
    You are doing such an incredible job with these beautiful people. Carter, with the Lord’s help, you are helping these people lay the foundation for future wards and stakes. The next time you come back to visit after your mission,
    you will probably see several church buildings and strong leadership among these people.
    We love you so much, and pray for you morning and night. What you are doing is not easy, most often it is difficult. I know Grandpa Bunk and I could not have lived under those conditions as couple missionaries. Oh, how I wish you had some couple missionaries to watch over you and your elders. However, it looks as though you have a lot of wonderful people and strong leadership to draw love and strength. Carter, the Lord is mindful of every step you make, every word you speak. He continues to pour out his spirit to strengthen you in all things.
    You’ve prepared yourself for this experience for many years. May you constantly feel of our love.
    We had such a marvelous experience with Ben and Kati’s sealing. The largest sealing room in the temple was packed with family and friends. Grandpa Winget spoke with such a ferver of the spirit and he commented that Joy was present, validating this sealing. I felt Grandma Winget’s presense there as well.
    Always remember we love you!!!
    Grammy Di


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