Week 43 Update!

AWESOME WEEK. On top of having two amazing baptisms in Semarak it was General Conference weekend! General conference was the best, what an incredible blessing to get the opportunity to hear from the Prophet and Apostles! It was a spiritually packed weekend. I personally learned so much this weekend, before I knew it I had 12 pages of notes!..Nerd I know but wow those pages are so valuable to me. I can’t express my gratitude for modern day revelation and the way that it helps us to stay on the path of righteousness, that same path that will lead us to the throne of our Exalted Father in Heaven to live again with him with our families.

Now about the two baptisms. The little girl, Maria Elena Dorita Caal Yat, the cutest girl ever. Shes nine years old and is part of a part member family. We are working with the rest of the family still but as of now another soul has received the saving ordinance of baptism.
Now the boy (boy is actually a bad word in Kekchi haha), his name is Alex Eduardo, age 16. He is so small for his age… well really everyone hear is but back to the point, he is awesome. Nobody in his family is a member, his faith is strong, and his desire to change has brought him down into the waters of baptism. He even has let me know that he even wants to go on a mission of his own when he reaches the proper age. I’m so thrilled for this! I know how much of a blessing a mission can be and I’m starting to have an even fuller realization of that. The two baptisms were beautiful and gave me such a fullness of joy.
I love this Kekchi people and am looking forward to working towards more success here in Semarak.
Love you all, you’re an amazing support!
 Love Carter

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