Week 42 Update!

Another change has come to an end. It was my favorite so far I think. For these next 6 weeks (1 change) I will continue be serving the people of Semarac and stay with my companion Elder Beteta. I’m glad that I’ll have the opportunity to finish his training. I love Semarac and couldn’t be happier to not have a change.

Well we have 2 baptisms this Friday so we are really excited for that this week. Not to mention its General Conference this weekend so the excitement level is at a high. It’ll be a great week, we´ll keep working with some investigators that we want to put baptismal dates with and we also need to work on finding some new people. It’ll be a busy awesome week.

This past week honestly went by so fast I can’t pick out the details but you can be sure it was another great week serving the people up here in anyway we could.  I’ve been reading through the Book of Mormon in Spanish, I’ve set a goal to finish it by the end of this change. The feelings that the spirit brings when I read that book are so special. Its amazing how even in another language the Spirit can so clearly testify to me of the truths contained within. Because of The Book of Mormon, I know that Jesus Christ lives, that he is my Redeemer. That book testifies of HIM, I am humbled each time I open it and learn more about everything he has done for us, and how very important He is in our lives. He is the means of our Salvation, infinitely loving and filled with compassion.

Sorry its a short one this week everyone, till next week.

Love, Elder McEntee


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