Week 41 Update!

Hey there everyone! Great week here on my end! There is a lot of progress taking place in the missionary work here in Semarac! I had more investigators show up to church than I’ve seen my whole mission. 9! We will be seeing much success in this upcoming month of April! I’ve gotten so hyped this week and am so grateful to the Lord for blessing us within this work, without Him we could not have accomplished a thing. We are preparing 3 families for baptism right now and within the next few weeks at least 2 of them should be ready to commit. Now we just have to follow through and continue to teach them well. Hopefully I don’t get changed to another area next week!

The 10 year old kid that I baptized on Saturday that you can see in the photos is someone I found like 2 months ago and we’ve been teaching his family as well but for now he is the only one ready to be baptized. We are continuing to work with his family. His name is Danny Emerson Coc Pop and hes one of my best little buddies here at 10 years old.

This week we had Multi-Zone conference; it was cool to get together with everyone that’s in the Polochic. There’s a part in the conference when a few missionaries are randomly picked out of the little crowd of missionaries to get up and give a talk to everyone, so for that everyone has a talk prepared before. Hermana Curtis got up and began to call the missionaries that would now be speaking. Of  the 4 that she called I was “lucky” enough to be called up as the 4th speaker… I almost had a heart attack! haha, but honestly after I finished I was pretty grateful for the opportunity to do it. It gave me a boost of confidence in my Spanish. I spoke on The Atonement of Jesus Christ and tied it in with the Worth of a Soul in the Sight of God. In studying and putting it together I learned quite a bit that I hadn’t realized before. I encourage everyone to study a bit more of the Atonement, really dig deep and I can promise you will feel closer to Him as you do so. All I’m gonna say is that I can not begin to comprehend the love of our Savior has for all of us, His Atonement is the perfect example of pure love. With it everything is possible, through Him we can start again and again.


Elder McEntee


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