Week 40 Update!

Well, it’s just been a great time up in Semarac this week! This whole last month actually! Even though there was a week in where we were pretty dang sick I’ve still enjoyed every moment of it. Its gone faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. My companion is awesome and is so fun to work with. I enjoy teaching him Kekchi, its an interesting thing teaching someone my third language in my second language. My Spanish has really moved up a notch this month, speaking and telling stories and basically everything I want to communicate comes out of my mouth with minimal mistakes and an improving accent. How could I not understand it before?!  We are starting to have more success her in the work, we have a lot of people lined up ready to accept this beautiful gospel and be baptized unto repentance. There should be baptism photos in next weeks update! I’m loving my time in Semarac and I’m just trying to cherish it because even though its a demanding area its great in so many other ways and I know it cant last forever here so I’m trying to make the most of it. I find myself struggling to find things to write home to you guys, I feel like my pictures explain everything so much better than I could. Nothing much changes in the week to week life of a missionary. I’ve read emails from missionaries explaining all their investigators and their problems and it honestly its boring to read, not to mention that those kind of things should a lot of the times be kept private in between the missionary and person that is investigating. When I baptize somebody or I have an awesome story having to do with someone and their conversion then I will write about it.

Something fun did happen this last week. We met our Zone Goals last month so we got to have a zone activity. We all piled into the back of a pickup truck and went to Semuc Champane! (Look it up, its awesome) It’s from there that I took most of the pictures I sent this week. It was such a fun day with the Zone.

Listen up everyone! You need to know that I believe with all my heart in the work that I am taking part of here in Guatemala. I know I have been called to serve here in place of My Savior and that it is important to do my best and represent Him as a missionary. I’m here to bring as many people to the knowledge of the Gospel as I can and if I can help some of you that aren’t here in Guatemala but are reading this blog to have the slightest stroke of desire to learn for yourselves that what I’m saying is true than that would satisfy the purpose of why I made this blog in the first place and literally fill me with joy.

Thanks for keeping up on my time here serving the Lord.


Elder Carter Kimball McEntee



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  1. Dian Robinson · March 14, 2016

    Oh Carter, It is so inspiring to read your blog. You are an amazing young man, full of the spirit. You set such an incredible example for the rest of us. Thank you for loving us and caring so much about everyone.
    This week has been an inspiring week and a bit of a challenge as well. Our dear friends, the Durfeys lost a 24 year old grandson to suicide last week. We drove up the Lehi to attend the viewing, funeral, and buriel. He has 4 brothers and one sister who are special sweet children. As difficult as it was for them all, their eternal perspective brought them peace and comfort. We drove up to give London her birthday gift, had breakfast with Nikki and Reed, and drove home after the buriel.
    I was asked to sing in church on Sunday, so I sang “Charity Never Faileth” and dedicated the song to the women, in recognitition this Thursday, 17th, the relief society was officially formed in 1842 by Joseph Smith.
    It is a beautiful song. We had our usual Dad over for dinner, and my brother Greg came. He has had some health issues, but has a strong desire to get better.
    I am working on my Capstone, which is like a small thesis, as a graduation requirement. The title is “The Relevance and Future of Terrestrial Radio.” It will be about 45-50 pages long. I wish I had your gift of writing.
    Grandpa Winget is doing well. However, he had a tooth pulled today. I think this is only his 2nd tooth pulled.
    Amazing for a 95 year old man.
    This Sunday we will witness the dedication of the new Provo Tabernacle Temple. It is so beautiful.
    Grandpa Winget will be performing the sealing of Ben and Kati on April the 9th. That is so exciting.
    I think back last year about this time when Ben had you secretly flown in to surprise us all to read your
    missionary assignment and attend the wedding!! How wonderful.
    We miss you so Carter. If you could only imagine how valuable your life and the example you not only set for all your family, but the energy and dedication you exhume. You know our bodies have enough energy/electricity to light a whole city. You light up the world with your ‘glow”.
    I love you so, my dear Carter. We pray for you morning and night.
    Love you forever,
    Grammy Di

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