Week 38 Update!

Tuesday morning my companion was hit hard with a fever and body aches. By the time we made it back to Semarac later that day I was suffering the same thing. We don’t know what it was, whether it was Dengue or hardcore Parasites but it took us OUT and beat us up Tuesday- Saturday. Whatever sickness it was it was sure painful. We took the long trip to Coban this morning to take some parasite tests, so we will see whats up when we get back our results. It definitely wasn’t the funnest or most exciting week (I didn’t even have reason to take my camera out for a single photo worthy to send home), there is only so much you con do locked up in a tiny house all week haha. We are feeling a bit better now at least and we´re ready to get back to work this week. There is a lot to be done. We will try and make up some of the time we lost this week.

Elder McEntee

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  1. Dian Robinson · February 29, 2016

    Carter, I am so sorry you have been so sick. Bless your heart. Both of you down at the same time, is so hard.
    We love you so much. Grandpa and I drove to SLFriday night for him to attend a Sons of Utah Pioneers’ Presidency training. He was so washed out, early the next morning, he said he wanted to go home, he was so washed out.
    He has had high blood pressure for several days. He asked to me drive, which he never does. So we drove home,
    then took him to the hospital. The took several tests including EKG and catscan of his head. They all came back negative, thank goodness. With everything, the diagnosis was extremely high blood pressure on the verge of a heart attack or stroke. The doc tripled his dose of blood pressure medication, and said to go home and don’t do anything until you get this blood pressure down. Cal and Grandpa Winget gave him a Priesthood blessing. We are praying for him to get this blood pressure down asap.
    Anyway, Carter, you are an amazing young man, and we love you with all of our hearts. We pray you will be lead to the honest in heart, and that you may continually be blessed with His spirit. Love you forever!!!
    Grammy Di


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