Week 37 Update!

My new companion is the greatest! My new “Son” haha. Elder Beteta, from Guatemala City. Its so crazy because every time he asks a question or something I can remember when I asked my trainer the same questions like it was yesterday. We are already good buddies, this change is going to go by way fast, that’s what happens with awesome companions, time speeds up. I’m so glad to be with him and not to mention in like the best area in the mission, the toughest but the best nonetheless.

It’s cool teaching Kekchi to him, its fun now that I can actually speak it (more or less). Its an incredible thing learning and teaching everyday, I learn so much. You know how they say “you learn something new everyday”? Well it feels like Im learning about 100 things. Who knew I had the room inside my thick head!
I miss you all back home. My Mother sent me a picture of two of my best buddies in my old High School gym this week and wow that triggered some memories. Miss you all back home and wish you the best until we see each other again!
I’m starting to have a difficult time writing (thinking) in English so thanks everybody for making it through my updates and keeping up on my mission even though I may not be the best Narrator.
Love, Elder McEntee

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