Week 36 Update!

I’m running on an hour of sleep (which was in a micro bus at 2 in the morning). “Why?” You may ask…well everybody Ive been called to train. That means that tomorrow I will be getting a new companion straight fresh from the MTC. I’m still in Semarac, the high mountains of Senahu, so I’ll be training there! I’m excited to see who my next “victim” is, haha just kidding I’m sure it will be awesome and I’m determined to be the best “dad” ever. “Dad” being what they call your first comp in the mission. Whoop whoop haha. Not like any of this matters its just a funny game we all play, yeah missionaries can have some weird traditions.

A quick recap of my week: After having interviews with President and Sister Curtis Elder Smart (My District Leader) and I went up to his are in Chijolom for 3 days for divisions. It was a nice break from my normal routine with my comp in my area and we had a real good time. That dude is one of my best buds. We went to some Mayan ruins there and that was pretty sweet to see remnants of such and old culture and people. After divisions I headed back to my area and we finished out the week working with our progressing investigators and visiting members so they don’t go inactive(which happens if the missionaries don’t stop by every once and a while)….
It was a great week and then this weekend we found out that my companion would be leaving Semarac and I was going to train there. And now I’m here in Coban waiting for tomorrow to pick up my new “kid”. Ill have to do divisions here tonight with the ZLs, its going to be weird working in an actual city for the first time in my mission! Anyways, Id love to ramble on more (not really), but how bout you just tune in next week? Love you guys. I know this Church is true with all my heart.
Elder McEntee

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  1. Bunk Robinson · March 13, 2016

    Elder Carter, you’ve been on my mind quite a bit lately. I haven’t been very good about writing, but I remember how much Grandma and I loved hearing from home. So I’ll try to be a little better. I know you’ve had a challenge with health issues lately. It sounded like it was a pretty nasty bug. Hope you’re finally feeling better. It sounds like you’re in an incredibly beautiful part of Guatemala. I have really enjoyed all the pictures you have sent. Keep ’em coming. As I think know, our yorkie, Libby dies last fall. It was a really sad time for us, but we are now beginning to look for another pup….. probably another yorkie. You are in our prayers both morning and night. By safe and let the Sperit guide you. Love you. Grandpa Bunk


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