Week 34 Update!

We had a baptism this week! Marco Tulio. He’s this kid we have been teaching who’s in a part member family. He’s the coolest cutest Little dude. The water in the baptismal Font was pretty cold so he wasn’t such a fan of the momentum I dunked him completely under the water. When I pulled him out of the water he was in a panic, haha. I don’t blame the kid, I would’ve been too. The baptismal Font that we have here in Semarac is a portable build-it-yourself. I had never seen one before, so it was a puzzle to put together. It was cool though because we got to choose wherever we wanted to set it up. We put it in the middle of the Soccer field outside the church. We had chairs set up and everything. It was a beautiful day and the setting with the mountains and clouds surrounding us made it unreal.
The Apostol Quiton L. Cook was in our misión this week. It was awesome hearing from him. Our misión is so large and geographically spread out though that a lot of us didn’t get to be there to see him in person. Those of us that couldn’t be there just watched him speak through a live video transmisión.
We weren’t in our area too much this week due to the transmission and the lack of pick up trucks up to our area, so this week went quickly. We ended up doing divisions in Senahu with the Zone leaders.
Is it not crazy that its already February?!
Love Elder McEntee

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