Week 33 Update!

We had a service project at the Semarac Church this week. All the men (including my companion and I) used machetes to cut away all the tall grass and shrubbery on the church property. It took up the whole first half of the day and afterwards we all ate chicken caldo that the women had been preparing. Caldo is the bomb. For the rest of that day we played soccer and had a good time talking with all the members. I smelled like straight up campfire at the end of the day from standing around the fire for so long. Its been so cold this week. I wake up shivering and go to bed shivering.

So, in my area of Semarac we as missionaries cover what is called a “branch” of members and also what is called a “group” of members. This week we went to the group which is an hour and half walk to a place called San Francisco. Both my companion and I were called upon to give talks and then the President of the group got up and said “Okay, now we will all be taught by Elder K’ante’ for the next hour”…. he did not say a thing to me before haha, if you could have seen the shocked looked on my face. But it was whatever, I got up there and just went for it and believe it or not I actually made it out alive with a stronger confidence in my Kekchi.
Announcement: Apostol Quintin L. Cook is talking to us in our mission on Wednesday, so that’s exciting!
Elder McEntee

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