Week 32 Update!

My companion says I’ve been speaking Kekchi, Spanish, and English in my sleep so that’s cool. I think that’s a good sign at least. He also says I sometimes laugh really loud in my sleep as well… sorry Elder Monsalve.

We had so many crazy experiences this week. I don’t even know where to start, it would take so long to tell it all. Some things will just have to wait till I get home. Here’s a quick summary though:
Well, as you can tell from the photos this week we encountered quite a variety of insects, most of which Ive never seen before. We hiked to some new parts of our area this week and found some houses we could contact. We scaled straight mountains every day. Its tiring and definitely takes a tole but the motivation to make the best of such a beautiful and remote area keep me putting one boot in front of the other. Not to mention the people here are great and I want to be my best for them.
My companion and I prepare lesson plans each morning and its really helping us smooth out our teaching in Kekchi. Its a challenge learning Kekchi but I’m super happy to be doing it, and knowing that I’m one of the few people that can bring these Kekchi people the Gospel is motivation enough.
Yep well that’s it. Love ya!
Elder McEntee

One comment

  1. wshartsell · January 20, 2016

    It’s great to see you finding the silver lining in challenges and finding joy in serving, even in ways that might not seem significant to many. Those principles will carry you for a lifetime. You’re soaking up each moment of this short part of mortality. Excellent work! Our best to you….Bill Hartsell and family.


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