Week 31 Update!

I wish I could just record a day of my life up here in the mountains and send it home, you guys wouldn’t believe it. I definitely didn’t expect a mission to hold so many adventures or such beauty. All day long I’m seeing something that could be straight out of National Geographic. Its exhausting for sure, there is no such thing as walking on level ground, its either up or down. There is nothing so rewarding though as getting back to the house at night, after a full day of work, dripping sweat and caked in mud from the waist down. Which reminds me about showering… its so ice cold that I literally have to give myself a pep talk before getting in. Just imagine how cold water would be if you lived at cloud level.

Moving up here was quite the process. It took a full day, 3 buses and 1 pick-up truck later we arrived here in Semarac. There is literally no other way to get up here without a 4-wheel drive vehicle and even then its a struggle.
So about my companion, hes a pretty cool dude. I’m his second companion and am finishing his training which means in missionary terms that Im his “Mom” and he is my “daughter” haha. Whoop whoop I have my first kid! His name is Elder Monsalve from Chile. He learned Kekchi in the MTC for 2 months before coming out so right now I only know a tiny bit more than he does. We are learning it so fast together. There is NO Spanish at all in Semarac so throughout the whole day we are speaking Kekchi and between each other its just straight Spanish. Its stressful needing to learn so much so fast but its LEARN or DIE.
Saying goodbye to Tucuru was REALLY hard for me but the new responsibilities I have as Senior companion and being put into a pure Kekchi area are necessary for my growth.
This week some Kekchis taught me how to make tortillas which was fun! By the end of the night I could finally get them to look like circles haha.
At one house we ate dinner they poured each me and Elder Monsalve a cup of honey… YES, they actually expected us to drink a cup of HONEY! First sip was normal as you would expect but after that it was the hardest thing to finish off! A whole glass of straight honey! Haha Ive never heard of that one before.
This is the first time Ive thought in English all week so I’m sorry for writing like I’m still in PreSchool. This blog post would probably make more sense written in CRAYON.
Elder McEntee


  1. Dian Robinson · January 12, 2016

    Carter, What an amazing experience you are having. I cannot even imagine!! Is that the new place you are living?
    With mud up to your waist, how far do you end up walking each day? What is your bed like? You have such an amazing attitude. It is not easy. We had a wonderful time in Newport Beach. It rained like the Oregon coast, however. Know we love you and are praying for you daily. We have most of our Christmas decorations down. Celeste probably told you about my Nephew Carsen died in an auto crash on Sunday. Feel so bad for Brent, Donna, Jami and their daughter.
    I love you so,
    Grammy Di


  2. Rachel · January 13, 2016

    What an adventure, for sure. Such a great kid.


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