Week 30 Update!

Goodbye Tucuru and Hello Semarac! Ive gotten changed. Today I pack my bags and in the morning I head off to my new area Semarac. Im really sad to be saying goodbye to all the people I love so much here in Tucuru and to be leaving Elder Thornton of course but I am so excited to go to Semarac. Im moving up to Senior Companion and will be finishing the training of a new missionary from Chile. Semarac is way up in the Polochic mountains and PURE kekchi. It will be a change of forced growth on my part, in both the language and responsibility. Im nervous and feel completely inadequate to be Senior Comp and finish someones training in this ancient mayan dialect but here I go! I dont feel completely comfortable but is anyone ever really ready to enter the refiners fire? No. But afterwards you look back and it was worth it so Im hoping Ill do the same. I have the help of the Lord as I plead with Him daily, and who the LOrd calls the Lord qualifys right? 🙂 I hear the area is beautiful, Im excited to send you all some pictures!
Love, Your Favorite Elder



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