Week 28 Update!

I know that I keep saying the weeks are going fast, but seriously I don’t think I’ve ever experienced time move so rapidly as it did this week. Last week at this time I was sitting at this same computer in this same small internet cafe writing my last blog post and it feels like it was literally 5 minutes ago…

Anyways, so this week we had Multi-Zone Conference, which happens about once every 3 months. This one was special though because of Christmas. Which I guess really only means that they gave each of us a stocking before we left and we got to watch a movie. It was fun being with all the Polochic Elders (Kekchi speakers), I’ve made friends with a lot of them over the past months and I don’t get   to see all of them too often, so that is always a good time.

Other than that my companion and I just kept on progressing with our investigators and spreading that good ole Christmas cheer. The church here in Tucuru is steadily progressing and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

In other news… I GET TO CALL MY FAMILY THIS WEEK! It has been almost 7 months, I sure have missed them and I’m pretty dang excited.

Well everyone, I hope you all have a very Merry CHRISTmas. Remember what we are really celebrating; The gift of our Savior and Redeemer. There is no greater gift than His birth, because through Him we have divine potential, through Him we can change, and through Him we in reality can do ALL things. So, my beloved blog readers, I will pose a couple questions: What good to us is a gift if we do not use it? If we do not use a gift then we have rendered it unimportant and have we not offended the giver of the gift in the process? Do, my wish for this Christmas id for us all to let go of our pride and accept the gift of our Savior, for id it not prideful to refuse a gift? We can accept it by using it and making it important in our lives, and its not a gift like new shoes or something like that, its infinite and divine, a gift that should be cherished forever. Merry Christmas!

Elder McEntee


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