Week 27 Update!

So I’ve just got a quick update this week! Its been such a fast one that I really don’t know where to start. Well firstly, we had another baptism in Tucuru! A little girl in a part member family that we have been teaching named Lillian. It was once again another beautiful baptism. She reminds me so much of my youngest sister Makenzie, so outgoing, happy, and just such a magnetic personality.

Feeling the extra strong presence of the Savior at this time of year is so great! People love to hear the Christmas message we have to share! There is such a love around this time of year that is just amazing to see. Teaching with the Christmas Spirit is something extra special.
Its cool to see, that even in the poorest of huts in the mountains, they still have at least one string of Christmas lights. It sure caught me by surprise. I mean I see these Kekchi people everyday and they have nothing, yet somehow they have a string of Christmas lights. They are so proud of their little Christmas lights.
I cant believe how quickly these last 6 months have gone. I burned a tie to celebrate (as is tradition among missionaries) by shooting a hundred-shot roman candle at it. It was good times. You got to have at least a little fun to stay SANE haha! These 6 months have gone by like a blur and I am so excited to see how far Ive come as a missionary and as a person.
Elder McEntee

One comment

  1. JerriLynn · December 15, 2015

    So glad to get your last letter. Congrats on the baptism. Love your testimony and the spirit of Christmas that you shared!!! Merry Chriatmas!!!
    The Woolleys


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