Week 26 Update!

It has been a great week! My new companion Elder Thornton and I are having a great time together and its awesome working with Him. He’s from Morgan, Utah and has 14 months in his mission. Other than the new companion there is something else new in Tucuru. They added Tucuru 2 as a new missionary area so we have another pair of Elders in Tucuru now. The work here should really get a good boost now that there are 4 of us here. We don’t see them often though since they live in the valley, so basically just on Sundays and on special occasions.

Elder Thornton and I teach really well together, in both spanish and kekchi in fact. We’re working hard on practicing kekchi together and we’ve already seen some good growth. I enjoy learning these two languages so much, I mean ya its hard sometimes, but the motivation I get from my desire to share this gospel with as many people as I can keeps driving me to try my best, and its working. I know that there is no way on earth I could have been this far with two new languages without the help of my Father in Heaven. He’s always there to answer our prayers, and I know that because of all the ways I’ve seen Him answer mine.

It was such a busy week of work and this next one is bound to be the busiest one yet! It really makes the time fly, like what in the…. ITS ALREADY DECEMBER…

Love, Elder McEntee


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