Week 25 Update!

So much to tell this week so I’ll try my best to summarize,

Most importantly and the event that has brought me the most joy so far in my mission was the baptism of xJuana and her two daughters. As of now her whole family is baptized. We found them about a month ago and with the help of one of xJuana’s daughters who is already a member we began teaching the family. They have been so receptive to the truths of the Gospel and all have strong desires to follow the example of Jesus Christ. They’ve just taken the first step in following Him by entering into the waters of baptism and I know they will continue on this righteous path. It was a truly beautiful sight, seeing this family in white, already prepared with such great testimonies!

So, as I write this I am in Coban. I am dropping off my companion Elder North (so he can start the process of heading home, he’ll be home on Thursday!) and will be meeting up with my new companion tomorrow. My area is still Tucuru, which is great! I love my area and hope to be here for as long as I can. I’m going to miss Elder North. He has been such a great companion and I learned an invaluable amount of language from him. He was an awesome teacher. So thank you Elder North, you’re a stud and I’m so proud to have called you my companion. We had some good times and they will not be forgotten. Love you man.

This next week should be a crazy one, I’m excited to get it started and get to know my new companion. I am definitely seeing miracles in this work and the Lords hand in peoples lives. It’s so fulfilling to be a missionary, there’s nothing like the feeling of working so closely with the Lord.


Elder McEntee


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