Week 24 Update!

Upon Leaving Home:
I left a quite harbor
in favor of another, I know not where.
But first, there are seas to cross
And storms to brave.
How could I prefer the foreign deeps
to the encircling arms of my bay?
Because some things
Can only be learned at sea.
Yes, my craft is watertight,
I can navigate the unknown,
And Lo, the winds that fill my sails
Blow from home.
-Steffanie Russell

Already another week gone by but it was a good week. Full of missionary work and service. This area is getting to be even better as people are just coming out of the wood work that really want to learn more and be taught. I have a feeling the missionary success here will be much higher than it has been and hopefully we will be seeing some real results soon enough.

This week I had Divisions with the Zone Leaders. So Elder Kortsen came down to Tucuru with me for two days. We had an efficient two days and a fun time together. Divisions always make the week go extra fast!

I’m getting excited and nervous for changes next week. I wonder who my companion will be!

Anyways, nothing too spectacular happened this week and I don’t have much too say. It was generally just a very good week. Thanks for keeping up on the adventure everyone. Tune in next week.

Love Elder McEntee


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