Week 22 Update!

Its already been another week!? This week was a blur! Nevertheless it was another awesome week to be a missionary! Reason number one being that we found three people who want to be baptized! A Kekchi woman named xJuana and two of her young kids. She is so excited to join her eldest daughter as a member of the church and so we set the date for their baptism for the 28th this month!

The work in Tucuru is really picking up speed now as we get out there and work work work! Im determined to have as much success here as possible. I absolutely love this area and the people in it. Id be happy working here for a long time.

I don’t have too much to say this week, just know that I appreciate all of you and your constant support. And one more thing Id like you to know, and I know I’ve said it on here before but Its worth yelling out to the world a million more times. And that is that I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that this is the true church of Jesus Christ restored again on the earth that the Lord Jesus Christ lives. If there is one thing I know for fact, for absolute certainty, it is that. My testimony of Him grows each day, and with that my desire to share it with you!

Have a good week everyone! Next time you hear from me I’ll be 20…that’s weird.


One comment

  1. JerriLlynn · November 10, 2015

    Love your enthusiasm! We are so happy that you found those wonderful contacts that are excited to be baptized. The gospel is life changing and it is exciting to see you being a part of that. Hope you had/have a great birthday. Keep up the great work. We are proud of you!!!
    The Woolleys


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