Week 21 Update!

Today is the Day of the Dead! Entonces, Feliz Dia! Not the best day for P-Day to fall on since nothing will be open today but we were at least lucky enough to find this internet cafe open! I hope you all had a great Halloween! Its November, that happened fast!

After going almost 5 days without running water in the house it finally came back this week so that was reason for minor celebration! After hearing that you may be asking yourself “Does that mean he didnt shower for almost 5 days…?”. In which case my answer would be No, I didnt shower for almost 5 days…. But come on people, what do you expect me to do! hah I can promise you though, I am now a clean human being!

Minor events this week: flame throwered a turantula. Scaled a super steep mountain for 3 hours straight. I placed a baptimal date. One day I actually cooked meals for both my companion and I, all 3 meals. One night we had dinner at two different members house, it was awesome.

THis week we had divisions. Elder Gonzalez (yes my old companion) and I were in Tucuru for two days, while my companion went to La Tinta. It was fun being with Elder Gonzalez again, it felt good to teach with him again! Plus it helped having him in some lessons with our investigators that speak Spanish. He is a great District Leader and Im so grateful, especially now, to of had him as my trainer, he taught me basically all the Spanish I know. As always with weeks where we have divisions this week went really fast!

My companion, Elder North, and I are really about to get things rolling in Tucuru. Its exciting to have our schedules full of people that want to learn and actually WANT to progress. I cant express in words how much I love what I’m teaching and how much I just want to share it with everyone! I wish I wasn’t so shy with my beliefs in High School, I just want all my friends at home and everyone to know that I KNOW this church to be the true church of Jesus Christ on the Earth today with a living Prophet and Apostles to lead and guide us. I know that if one would just pray with the slightest bit of faith concerning the truth of what Im saying that they will receive a confirmation by means of the Holy Ghost that it is ALL true. Jesus Christ is our Savior, the Redeemer of the world and our advocate with the Father. He came to this earth to take upon the sins of the world and loves each one of us more than we could imagine. Eternal Happiness is only accomplished through His Everlasting Atonement and I feel such a responsibility and desire to share that happiness with all of you! I know it may seem like Ive changed from the kid you all knew, and I guess thats true in some ways. My beliefs havn’t changed but I do have a stronger testimony of the things I knew before and Im not afraid to share anymore. To all my buddy’s back home and good friends and really just everyone, I want to apologize right now for not sharing my testimony with you before. How selfish of me to have held back what I know to be true! I love you all, thanks for everybody’s support and love.

Love Elder MCENTEE

until next week…


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