Week 20 Update!

It was a quick busy week.

Update on the work: As a mission we met our October goal of 100 baptisms! Which is awesome because its the best week this mission has ever had, we know we can achieve the goals we set if we rely on the Lord, and 103 of our brothers and sisters have come unto Christ! As a companionship, Elder North and I just had a baptism of our own this week and have so many new leads thanks to the help of the great members here! The baptism was great! I love seeing that new light enter peoples lives. Its so humbling to be the barer of such great news, to share the message of Eternal Life and Happiness!

I’m loving Tucuru more everyday! Its so mountainous! My legs are jello at the end of the day (just wait till the day you all see me come home, my legs will be like twice the size of my upper body hahaha). Quite honestly though, there isnt such thing as walking on flat ground, you are either walking (hiking) down or up. The people are great, and as my Kekchi develops, working with them becomes even more enjoyable. Many speak Spanish as well in this area so I’m glad to still be using my Spanish as well.

Ready for another busy week and to get things going for this upcoming month of November! Its the best month, remember that everyone! But lets not get ahead of ourselves, I hope you all have an awesome Halloween!

Love Carter


“No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, and disciplined.”
-Henry Emerson Fosdick


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