Week 19 Update

So, I’ve just finished my first week in Tucuru and I can already tell that I am going to love this area! My companion, Elder North, and I are still getting a feel for the area so its fun exploring everything for the first time and meeting all of the members. Speaking of, the members here are the coolest! We have been invited to dinner every night this past week, its great! I’ve already eaten more with the members here than in La Tinta! Long story short, the members here feed us, go to lessons with us, and are awesome! We even have a standing dinner appointment for every Friday night with Yessenia (another cool member).

Tucuru is still an area in the Polochic Valley like La Tinta, but the two are very different. The terrain here is steep and mountainous. My weeks will consist of much more hiking, so I’m excited to get out of my street shoes and into my boots! Also there will be a lot of adventuring because first off Tucuru is one of the largest areas in the Mission (there used to be 6 Elders here) and also because apparently there are a bunch of little Kekchi villages scattered all around for us to find.

My companion is great at teaching me Kekchi. I am so grateful to have him this change, I feel like I’m learning so much faster now, it’s exciting. Also he has a chessboard so that’s usually how the last hour of our nights go, haha.

After an awesome lesson with one of our investigators (she was taught by the missionaries before us too) on Saturday we placed a baptismal date with her for the 24th. She’s ready to accept this Gospel and change with the help of the Holy Ghost. It was awesome to see that desire of hers and I cant wait for her baptism this weekend!

This week will be a good one, tune in next week!


Elder McEntee

PS: It is your ATTITUDE, not your APTITUDE,that determines your ALTITUDE in life.



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